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     Air Jordan is the most famous NBA star Michael Jordan named series of Nike. In 1985, Michael Jordan, Nike debuted the first in a series named Jordan shoes, Air Jordan 1 series. Although this shoe in time with a strange color and new technology, but no one thought that this turned out to be the beginning of a myth.
       Air Jordan Shoes series in sales volume and market demand ahead of other products, innovation and the base year for the entire footwear industry functional movement. Athletes the perfect combination of core product - Basketball superstar Michael Jordan´s most dazzling history, Jordan basketball shoes superstar has a distinguished career, highlight the tireless pursuit of its functionality, innovation and results.
        20 years later, the series Jordan shoes now seems to be the world´s best series of basketball shoes. 20 contained in the Spring and Autumn Period, Jordan has experienced two back and three retired; 20 years included in the Spring and Autumn Period, Air Jordan series has gone through countless storms up.